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Why I love the iPad

I’ve been a tablet user for 10 years; however, I’ve only recently started to appreciate the iPad. I’m going to explain my favorite features in this article.


I enjoy thinking while writing, but I still prefer using paper over an iPad for myself. However, there are times when I need to discuss architectural concepts or models during a Zoom call with my colleagues. In those instances, I simply open a whiteboard on Zoom and use my iPad as a digital canvas.

Second Monitor

Apple iPad Sidecar

Apple introduced the Sidecar feature in macOS Catalina and iPadOS 13; however, it is one of the underrated features and is not known by most users. You can use your iPad as an external monitor, and it works both with and without a cable connection. There’s no need to install any third-party apps; it is supported natively.

Sometimes, I like to work in cafes or when I’m traveling. During these times, I use my iPad as a second monitor for my MacBook, and it saves the day.

For example, I was initially unable to access my speaker notes at PyCon Portugal 2023 due to the setup. However, I quickly connected my iPad as a second monitor and used it for my speaker notes in just a few seconds.

You can learn how to use it from the official documentation or from Tech Gear Talk.

Apps and the offline usage

I found that the user experience (UX) of tablet apps is much better than that of desktop apps.

These platforms support downloading your favorite content. Moreover, they also feature a function called ‘smart download’ which automatically downloads videos, primarily the most recommended ones according to your history and likes.

I enjoy watching these while I’m traveling.

I’ve subscribed to a lot of newsletters and closely follow HackerNews, which means there’s a lot of content to read. Instead of constantly switching contexts every day, I save them to the Pocket app and read them when I’m ready to focus on reading.

I also prefer the iPad for technical books instead of the Amazon Kindle because the images are displayed better on the iPad.

Yoga has become a part of my daily routine, helping to enhance my mobility. To achieve this, I use the Down Dog app.

You can customize where to focus your stretches, how long each session lasts, and the type of yoga you prefer. This customization feature makes the app even more user-friendly.

Easy to carry

I use the iPad 9th generation, which weighs just 487 grams, almost as light as a book. Therefore, I always keep it in my backpack.


I’m not a big fan of the virtual keyboard; I struggle with it. As a second option, I tried the Logitech Combo Touch case, which includes a keyboard. However, it made my iPad bulky, so I still don’t prefer using my iPad when I need to write something. This is the only thing that makes me uncomfortable, but it can still be improved.

If you have any favorite apps, please leave them in the comments.