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Getting Rid of Tsundoku

I admire books.

I see them as high-intensity information pills written by a complete expert or a dedicated enthusiast. Firstly, they are fairly cheap or free. Sucking all life experience of an expert just costs you $10. Secondly, They are curated for consuming in a shorter time in contrast to long YouTube videos. This makes it easy to consume. No ads, no bullshit.

Who wouldn’t take these pills? I’ll take them.

But, I discovered a hidden problem while I was moving house. I have tons of really amazing books and I’ve just read 10 of them at best. Shocking! I was buying more books than reading them. The diagnosis is tsundoku. Tsundoku is acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one’s home without reading them. Yes, It doesn’t look cool even it has a cool Japanese name.

New year is a good starting point for gaining habit. So, I’ve started making a list of books which I’d like to read most in 2020. I would like to dedicate 2020 for reading books. In first iteratition, I had a list with ~65 items. I cut the list to 50 items. However, Is this doable?

I’ve find articles above. They are thrilling. Honestly, I don’t see it as sustainable for life. However, It worths to give a shot for a year. So, I’ve decided that 2020 will be a reading book year of me.

Also, I’ve found that all of these hard copy books are waste of woods. So, I decided that not buying a hard copy book if there is an equivalent e-book version.

Books of 2020